Early Childhood

The Turlock Christian Early Childhood program is built on the desire to nurture your child in the Lord. It is our goal to create a loving environment where your child can learn and grow through positive experiences. Social interaction through play, both inside and outdoors, will be part of each day. Adding to this are opportunities for your kids to express creativity through art and music. We encourage adventurous discovery, as kids explore the evidences of basic science, and how it interacts with their daily life. Teachers will share stories, finger-plays and learning activities during morning circle time. Bible story time will take place each day. Art projects will reflect the themes and learning experiences being shared. Turlock Christian's purpose is to provide a loving environment where your child can . . .

  • develop a healthy, positive self-image
  • experience God's love through stories, songs and loving teachers
  • transition from the security of the home to a positive school experience
  • learn to share, be concerned about others, and to make good choices.
  • Learn to read in our EK classes.

For more information contact Early Childhood Director Heidi de la Motte at 209-669-2192 or at preschool@turlockchristian.com