Our Junior preschool and PK classes offer a variety of activities and experiences to help your child to develop socially, emotionally, cognitively, physically, and spiritually. Our curriculum guides our lessons in reading, language, writing, math, and social skills. Our Bible curriculum gives children a Biblical foundation. Daily activities, routines, and schedules introduce children to an early childhood environment with their current interests and needs in mind. Children are encouraged to learn and grow at their own pace. They are guided and supported through their early childhood years to develop a relationship with their fellow teachers and peers, as the stage is set for future elementary school years.

  • Language & Reading Readiness Development

We stimulate vocabulary development by prompting imitation and repetition of words and sentences, build alphabet recognition through play with letters and writing centers, and strengthen conversation skills with group sharing and reading experiences. We focus on letter recognition and sounds through our reading and writing curriculum.

  • Cognitive Development

We encourage the exploration of the physical properties of materials, use daily calendar activities to teach about sequence of events, patterns, and routines, and support the learning of cognitive skills such as counting, making predictions, testing, and drawing conclusions.

  • Social Development

We model social concepts such as "please" and "thank you," have daily classroom conversations and community-building discussions, explore similarities and differences between children, and encourage cooperation with other children.

  • Physical Development

We use lacing cards, stencils, and writing activities to enhance fine-motor skills, strengthen coordination and gross-motor skills through running, jumping, and throwing activities, and offer healthful food choices for snacks and meals. We practice our writing skills through our reading and writing curriculum.

  • Spiritual & Character Development

We study God’s word through stories, songs, and prayers. We learn the biblical way to interact with others. We learn that Jesus died for our sins. We focus on developing character by being kind, loving, gentle, forgiving, helpful, honest, and first time joyful obedience.

  • Work Habits

We support the application of knowledge in new ways. We encourage curiosity and choice, provide children the opportunity to problem-solve, demonstrate flexibility (in thinking), and use daily routines to promote memory.

  • Nurturing Creativity

We encourage children to express themselves through creative arts and provide daily opportunities for children to paint, move, and sing, tell stories with puppets, and build and play in dramatic scenes.

  • Technology

Children will expand their use of iPads with applications that focus on developing skills, such as letter formation, letter sounds, counting, patterns, problem solving, and eventually reading.