Turlock Christian Preschool is an ACSI and WASC accredited program, infant through grade 12. Fewer than 10% of preschools are accredited in the United States. Additionally, the program at TCP is Christ-centered. We include Him in all areas of our day.

Bible Time

Each classroom has a daily Bible Time where we hear stories from the Bible, talk about God’s love, and learn about talking to God through prayer, with curriculum from ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). Each week, we visit the sanctuary for a chapel service led by our teachers.


Experiences with many different types of materials, which allow children to explore and discover, concentrate and carry out plans, develop new motor skills and controls, and help the children to express their feelings, as they create and explore

Language and Literacy

This area will positively affect visual discrimination, verbal expression, and creative thinking. It will also enrich their vocabulary, their awareness of sequential events, stories, and their listening skills. Students learn letter recognition and sounds, as well as writing, through our reading curriculum.

Dramatic Play

The children participate in role-playing, acting out feelings and emotions as they interact with other children. This also allows them to practice language and social skills.


The children experience mathematics as they play in, describe, and think about their world. We develop skills in number recognition, counting, sorting, building shapes, finding patterns, measuring, and estimating.


This area of the program will encourage children to explore, question, and discover. It will also help to develop skills in using scientific methods of problem solving, observing, identifying, and predicting and testing predictions.


Children will learn songs, singing games, rhythm activities, music appreciation, creative movement, and the playing of instruments.

Motor Development

Children will develop coordination and strength in both fine and gross motor development. Important skills like running, jumping, throwing, and catching are developed through play and physical activity, as kids learn and practice skills that become building blocks for more complicated movements. Children also have a variety of activities to develop fine motor skills in the fingers and hands. Once strength and dexterity are developed, students are able to manipulate a pencil on paper.


Children will have small group iPad experiences that will focus on classroom skills, such as letter formation and sounds, sorting, counting, pattern, problem solving, or reading.