While Turlock Christian's primary focus remains to provide a strong basic academic program taught from a distinctly Christian perspective, we offer many extra programs at the elementary level to extend students' interests, and make school an exciting experience.


Our elementary teachers offer the Meet-the-Masters art program to our students. Each year first through sixth grade students learn eight artists as they discover aspects of line, form, texture, color, shadow, etc.

Following their art appreciation lesson, students emulate the style of art for which the artist is known. Each student chooses two of their masterpieces to display in an art show at our Open House.

In a three-year cycle, repeated on three levels during elementary school, students learn twenty-four artists.


At our elementary school, we offer instrumental music. Fourth through sixth grade students may take beginning or advanced band.

Beginning band is for students who have never played an instrument. They may join the advanced band as they grow in skill. Usually students participate in beginning band for one year.

Our beginning and advanced bands perform in concerts each year. More accomplished students may be asked to perform as soloists or in assemblies for special groups and meetings during the year.


In addition to classroom music where students learn to appreciate and read choral music, students at Turlock Christian present a Grandparents chapel, Christmas and Spring Concert. Students in kindergarten through sixth grade perform.

Technology Instruction

Our school offers instruction to all students in kindergarten through sixth grade in our computer lab. We teach students keyboarding, word processing, computer literacy, and introductory desktop publishing. In addition we offer weekly instruction in programming (using web based Tynker Programming) and robotics (using Ozobots). Students spend one hour a week on the average in technology classes. Our computer features 25 Apple iMac stations and 10 iPad minis for use.

After-School Sports

Sixth grade students may participate in after-school sports. Turlock Christian plays other private schools as well as some smaller public schools.

We offer girls volleyball in the fall and boys' and girls' basketball in winter. Every student who participates receives playing time during each game (unless benched for disciplinary reasons). Coaches emphasize teaching all students to play the sport and developing all students' skills during the elementary school phase of our after-school sports program.

Speech Meet

All students in first through sixth grade participate in the annual speech meet held in each class. Winners from a variety of speech categories compete with other Northern California ACSI schools. Our local speech meet encourages all students to experience public speaking. We also reward those who excel in public speaking.

Math Olympics

Turlock Christian students who excel in math compete with other students from Northern California ACSI schools. Third through sixth grade students may compete and demonstrate their computational and problem-solving skills.