College Placement

Turlock Christian Schools is known for its college prep education, with 95% of our graduates accepted into the college or university of their choice. Students come from around the world to attend the high academic courses that qualify them for the prestigious colleges TCS students attend, such as: Pepperdine, Princeton, Harvard, University of Notre Dame, California Polytechnic, Academy of Art, UC Berkeley, New England Conservation of Music, LeTourneau University, Cornell University, Grand Canyon University, and Azusa Pacific.

Students are challenged through a rigorous college prep program including, extensive AP Courses, an extensive Agriculture program, and online distance learning. Technologically advanced Promethean boards, chromebooks, as well as multimedia student devices, in classrooms also help motivate students and prepare them for the 21st century leadership opportunities. New media and science labs offer opportunities for scientific exploration, while specialized courses such as robotics, engineering, veterinary science, as well as and Ag Biology, uniquely prepare our students to excel and prepare them for their future college and career of choice.

Our programs are reinforced with international educational trips that not only make learning exciting and relevant, but also focus on service, Christian character, and leadership development.

Students may dually enroll in college courses to work towards their AA degree, while attending TC, making their education worth double time and value!

The college prep education at TC continues to produce alumni that have become doctors, lawyers, teachers, pastors, CEOs, and successful business entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the world for others, through their testimony for Jesus Christ.