Academic Enrichment (Reading and Math and Tutoring)

Teachers and aides assist students with material taught in our regular curriculum. Turlock Christian offers tutoring to children needing extra academic assistance. A monthly fee is charged for the tutoring. Most tutoring occurs during regular school hours. Students in the tutoring program are tested every 8 weeks to assess progress made and establish new goals for tutoring. There is no extra charge for the periodic assessment.

TC Early Identification

Turlock Christian is committed to each child's success. Obviously, children learn at different rates and mature at different times; some learn steadily, while others grow in spurts and plateaus.

When children perceive that they have not learned as much or as quickly as others have, they doubt their abilities and often feel frustrated. For that reason, Turlock Christian seeks to identify students early that are struggling to learn reading or math and find ways to keep them motivated and encouraged.