Partner Through Giving

Partner Through Giving

\”In all of my years of service to my Lord, I have discovered a truth that has never failed and has never been compromised. That truth is that it is beyond the realm of possibilities that one has the ability to out give God. Even if I give the whole of my worth to Him, He will find a way to give back to me much more than I gave.\”
–Charles Spurgeon

Greetings at this time of celebration. What a marvel, that God would choose to become one of us in order to make a right relationship with him possible. My favorite Advent verse in The Message reads, “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” I pray that you and your family will have a delightful time celebrating His arrival into your neighborhood, home and hearts.

During this season of thanksgiving, celebration and anticipation of a new year, my heart is filled with gratitude and joy. I thank God for giving me the privilege of serving the faculty, staff and students at Turlock Christian School. Time and time again over these past months, I have marveled at the giftedness, dedication and effectiveness of our faculty and staff. I repeatedly find myself impressed with the academic achievements, abilities and character of so many of our students. I am grateful, beyond words, for the generosity and commitment demonstrated by so many TCS parents, grandparents and stakeholders.

Thanks to all who volunteer. Thanks to all who give generously. Thanks to all who pray. You are indispensable partners in what God is doing in and through Turlock Christian.

And thanks to those whose generous giving provided a much appreciated Christmas bonus to the faculty and staff. Special thanks to those who have given to 30 for 30 and our year-end invitation to help build A Firm Foundation for the future. If you have not yet given, please pray and consider if this is something God would lead you to do by year’s end.

God bless,

Dr. William Hoyt
Head of School