The fulfillment of our mission as a Christian educational institution is to see our graduates well equipped and inspired to impact the world as leaders within their community. This mandates our school’s diligence in maintaining the highest standards in curriculum, technology and, most importantly, faculty.

However, in our efforts to keep tuition as low as possible, the cost involved in providing the educational excellence at TCS exceeds the tuition and fees charged. For this reason, TCS parents and other constituents are given the opportunity to further partner with our school ministry by participating in fundraising events and development campaigns conducted periodically at the school. Remember that tuition alone does not cover the full cost of your child’s education at TCS.

We pray all involved are mindful of the additional ways to be an active contributor to the school:

Legacy Annual Fund Contributions: You can make contributions at any time during the year, or when we send out year-end letters with our Christmas Card. You can also purchase a table, attend, or donate items to our Annual Auction, or Golf Tournament.

Financial Gifts in the form of “faith commitments,” cash, stocks and bonds, real estate (approval required prior to acceptance), wills, deferred trusts funds.

Contributions of time and talent through volunteering, considered essential to our ministry, are also helpful.

Gifts in Kind for technology, building skills, furniture, professional services, etc. (approval required prior to acceptance).

Corporate matching funds, available through your employer, are an effective way to enhance our fundraising efforts.

Sports Sponsorship: sponsor a team. See the athletic department page for details.

Boosters: be a sponsor of our athletic program through your gifts.

Fine Arts Boosters: be a sponsor of our Fine Arts Department.

Family Service Fellowship is the service and fund raising source at the Elementary School

Gifts can be made in cash, credit card (Master Card, Visa or Discover), or check. All checks must be payable to “TCS”, whether they are for a fundraising event or a direct donation to a specific school/department project. By noting the event or campaign in the check memo, your check will be processed in a timely manner, ensuring your gift goes directly to support the designated event/campaign. Tax deductible gifts may not be used to pass money or benefits to any specific individual. TCS is committed to provide timely acknowledgment for all gifts received, noting the gift and designated use, along with the TCS tax information. Parents will be regularly reminded via email and other mailings about upcoming events and partnership opportunities throughout the school year.

TCS is a California non-profit religious organization under the IRS Code 501(c)(3) whose federal income tax number is 94-2587016. You should consult your accountant or tax consultant as to the value and deductibility of your gift for tax purposes.

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