Every week students in grades K-12 gather for the opportunity to worship and learn about God as a community. Students are encouraged to express their hearts toward God through music, teaching, scripture reading, and prayer. These weekly gatherings are a chance for students to come together in unity to worship and honor God.

Chapels are scheduled every Wednesday on the junior high/high school campus and Thursdays on the elementary campus. Student chaplains open and close chapel with prayer and announcements and worship is led by our Worship Team. Local youth pastors are invited to speak with our students, giving the pastors the opportunity to connect with our students while allowing our students to be familiar with local pastors. Additionally, TCS invites special speakers to come and engage our students as well, giving the TCS student body a wide variety of biblically based experiences throughout the year. Parents and grandparents are always welcome to attend the TCS Chapels on any of our campuses

*Please note, on occasion, TCS will hold an assembly during the scheduled chapel time which do not necessarily have a spiritual emphasis, such as homecoming, spirit week or other school driven events.