Turlock Christian upholds its history by providing students an outstanding education and school experience which will serve them for a lifetime.

Turlock Christian was established as a Christian school for children in grades K-2.  Twelve students were enrolled.

Monte Vista Chapel hosted the junior high and high school students. Thirteen junior high students were enrolled.

Junior high and high school obtained accreditation.

Turlock Christian became an independent Christian School with nonprofit status.  

Twenty-one seniors became the first graduating class of Turlock Christian High School.

Turlock Christian recognized the growing need in our community, and opened a preschool, welcoming thirty-six children.

The preschool is extended to provide infant/toddler care.

A second preschool opened.

The FFA was established at TCS, and courses began being offered.  A new Mac lab is established at the elementary campus.

All Elementary classrooms, and preschool classrooms were remodeled.

The JH/HS campus the restrooms were upgraded, the library and media center were remodeled and expanded, and the computer lab was updated.

Computer labs at the JH/HS were upgraded and refurbished.  The weight room at the JH/HS campus received upgrades.

Turlock Christian Schools, infant through high school, was awarded six-year accreditation, with Western Association of Schools & Colleges and Association of Christian Schools International.

Chrome labs and Google classroom were implemented.  An expanding luncheon area with an over-shade was added for JH/HS students.  Science and chemistry labs were completely remodeled and equipped with science, technology, and lab equipment.  A new JH/HS office modern complex opened to accommodate growth in the school.  New landscaping was added.

Turlock Christian Preschool awarded best preschool in the 209.

TCS opened a state of the art, high tech, K-6 elementary campus – our first independent owned campus property. Featuring a green screen room, science, robotics, and art labs as well as an Apple film and computer lab.

K-12 grades went one to one with iPads for grades K-2, and with Chromebooks for grades 3-12.

Future Farmers of America (FFA) established a complex for animals at a donated farm.  Online and web-based curriculum was added for many courses.

Turlock Christian Preschool awarded best preschool in the 209.

Early Kindergarten and three elementary classes were added to the new elementary school.

A new Mac Computer lab was added at the JH/HS.  Honors classes were added as an option for our junior high students.  Additional college dual credit courses were added as an option for our high school students.

Turlock Christian Preschool awarded best preschool in the 209.

Turlock Christian Preschool awarded best preschool in the 209.

Opened an additional progressive preschool facility featuring an interactive learning environment and advanced security for child safety. 

Turlock Christian Preschool awarded best preschool in the 209.