The Junior Program encourages your child to develop a passion for learning through reading, songs and play. 

Our Junior classes are for any child who turns 3 years old by September first.  The Junior program offers a variety of activities and experiences to help your child to develop socially, cognitively, physically, and spiritually.  Our curriculum guides our lessons in reading, language, writing, math, and social skills.  Daily activities, routines, and schedules introduce children to an early childhood environment with their current interests and needs in mind.

Social Development

  • Daily classroom conversations and community-building discussions and explore similarities and differences between children
  • Instilling manners and cooperation among one another, as children learn how to become productive members of a classroom community

Cognitive Development

  • Daily calendar activities to teach sequence of events, patterns, counting, and routines 
  • Encourage the exploration of materials 
  • Stimulate vocabulary development and letter recognition and sounds by prompting imitation and repetition of words and sentences, building alphabet recognition through play with letters and writing centers, and strengthen conversation skills with group sharing and reading experiences

Physical Development

  • Lacing cards, writing and other activities to enhance fine motor skills 
  • Physical activities such as running, jumping and throwing to improve gross motor skills

Spiritual Development

  • Learn through Bible stories about God’s love for us
  • Focus on developing character by being kind, loving, gentle, forgiving, helpful, honest, and obedient

The use of our Preschool App allows parents and teachers to directly communicate with each other anytime; even during the school day.  Teachers also send pictures of your child throughout the day and week, as well as logging the various activities your child is involved in during their day at Turlock Christian.