Codes of Conduct

Codes of Conduct

One of our core values is building safe, ethical relationships that will enable our staff to make a positive impact on our students. 

Employee-Student Relationships

Building Relationship is one of Turlock Christian School’s core values.  In building Christ-centered relationships of trust with students, the following guidelines will keep employees lives uncompromised in their Christian, legal, and/or ethical responsibilities.  Employees should always:

  • Have wise professional boundaries, avoiding “peer” relationships and living fully above reproach, including harassment, and avoiding even the appearance of evil;
  • Be appropriately invested (emotionally/socially), referring students to the school counselor, Chaplain, or administrator for deeply personal or mental health issues;
  • Keep communication and interactions (whether face to face or electronic) professional and public;
  • Avoid promising to keep student secrets; all staff members are mandated reporters of observed or suspected child abuse and/or neglect.
  • All physical contact should be above reproach and non-sexual in nature.

To protect TCS, its employees, and its students, if HR and/or administrators become aware of a situation that might fall outside these guidelines, they will address the situation immediately, talk with all parties involved, and pursue a fitting response.


Email is the primary means TCS uses to communicate with all constituencies (colleagues, parents and students).  The following professional protocols are expected:

  • Only use TC’s school-assigned email accounts to communicate with students.

Please note that there is a lasting record of all email communication to protect TCS, its employees and its students.

Social Media

  • All employees are expected to have a God-honoring social media presence and always remain above reproach.
  • If notified of possible improper activity and/or communication, administration will follow up with all parties.