The first steps of a child’s education are an exciting time for families and children.  Our Beginner Program is the perfect place to initiate a passion for learning. 

Our beginner program is for any child who is 2 years old by September first.  Beginners initiate a strong foundation for the fundamentals of learning.  Our program aids in letter and number recognition helping your child develop cognitively.  The group activities allow your child to interact, play and respond to others, which further social and physical development.

Language Development

  • Stimulate vocabulary development by prompting imitation and repetition of words and sentences
  • Build alphabet recognition through play with letters and writing centers
  • Strengthen conversation skills with group sharing and reading experiences

Social Development

  • Provide group activities to encourage interaction, sharing, communication, and cooperation
  • Demonstrate how to recognize others’ feelings and respond appropriately

Cognitive Development

  • Encourage investigation and problem solving and provide opportunities to practice sorting, matching and categorizing
  • Use blocks and flash cards to teach counting, number identification, and patterning

Physical Development

  • Strengthen large-motor skills with riding equipment, balls, and movement activities 
  • Improve fine motor and eye-hand coordination through pouring, stringing, and cutting activities 
  • Develop coordination using beanbags, hula hoops, and balance beams and help children learn to serve themselves at meal times

Spiritual Development

  • Share Jesus through Bible stories, songs, and prayers 
  • Focus on developing character by being kind, loving, gentle, forgiving, and helpful

The use of our Preschool App allows parents and teachers to directly communicate with each other anytime; even during the school day.  Teachers also send pictures of your child throughout the day and week, as well as logging the various activities your child is involved in during their day at Turlock Christian.