Our loving environment will allow your child to grow and learn through positive experiences. 

Our toddler program utilizes resources to engage your children in learning.  Using resources such as sign language to teach your children another form of communication, as well as encouraging them to interact with one another allows them to develop socially, cognitively and physically.  Singing songs and reading stories allow your children to expand their vocabulary and imagination.

Language Development

  • Storytelling and word games to help your child practice imitating and responding, asking questions, and following simple directions
  • Teach sign language to foster communication
  • Provide practice naming familiar items and support rich vocabulary development

Social Development

  • Group activities to encourage interaction, sharing, and listening skills 
  • Model how to express emotions

Cognitive Development

  • Provide opportunities to identify basic colors and shapes
  • Use storytelling, music, and art to teach and keep children engaged

Physical Development

  • Teach body parts through stories, song, and rhyme and promote self-care skills such as feeding, cleaning, and dressing
  • Support large-motor development and eye-hand coordination through a variety of activities such as kicking balls, tossing, drawing, and lacing

Spiritual Development

  • Share Bible stories, teach about God’s love, sing songs, and learn to pray 
  • Focus on developing character by being kind, loving, gentle, forgiving, and helpful

The use of our Preschool App allows parents and teachers to directly communicate with each other anytime; even during the school day.  Teachers also send pictures of your child throughout the day and week, as well as logging the various activities your child is involved in during their day at Turlock Christian.