Turlock Christian’s infant learning and care program is built on the desire to nurture your child. 

We share Jesus’ love in word and action, stories and songs.  We focus on developing character by being kind, loving and gentle.  We communicate with your child verbally and use sign language, sing songs, and play with your child, to further their development physically, cognitively, and socially.

Social Development

  • We respond to your baby with love and attention
  • Use facial expressions and eye contact when communicating to your child to further their development
  • Create a bond with your child to give them a sense of security

Cognitive Development

  • Explore concepts of cause and effect, and object permanence through play
  • Provide toys of different colors, sizes and texture to encourage the use of their senses

Physical Development

  • Support your baby as she/he learns to roll, crawl, stand and walk
  • Use blocks to help develop fine motor skills

Spiritual Development

  • We share Jesus’ love in word and action
  • Read stories and sing songs with Biblical principles
  • Focus on character development by being kind, loving and gentle

The use of our Preschool App allows parents and teachers to directly communicate with each other anytime; even during the school day.  Teachers also send pictures of your child throughout the day and week, as well as logging the various activities your child is involved in during their day at Turlock Christian.